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Kitchen Hi-Tech Co., Ltd is an independent food service system provider company practicing exclusively in the area of supplying professional kitchen and kitchen infrastructure.

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Renovation and Contract Maintenance Service

Apart of new kitchen construction, we can also provide kitchen remodeling service. Because renovating old kitchen is much more complex than constructing new kitchen due to various constraints e.g. space, electrical, mechanical and plumbing components etc. Our experienced staff are well accustomed to anticipating pitfall associated with remodeling. Besides, we offer a full-service maintenance program for both existing clients and clients who require only the maintenance service. We provide normal repairs and preventive maintenance to ensure high performance, efficiency and longevity of your kitchen equipment.

New Construction Service

This service is directed to any client who is planning to establish a new kitchen. Our team of professionals is committed to provide the best possible services to our clients from a project’s conceptual stage through completion.


These are our proud successful project, provided all aspect of kitchen system maintenance. We have been involved in client’s achievement since 2004

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We offer a wide selection of food service equipment with competitive pricing and best quality for both of import and custom made products. In terms of imported equipment, we are always looking for new products and manufacturers to be up to date on the latest trends in the industry to be able to provide great products and services to our clients.

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